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Water Polo➣Water Polo Competition

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This article will tell you about water polo and the knowledge points corresponding to water polo competition. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. List of contents of this article: 1. What kind of sport is water polo? Where did it first appear? How did it develop? 2. What kind of sport is water polo and what is its development in my country? 3. Basic tactics of water polo? 4. Analysis of water polo technology? What kind of sport is water polo? Where did it first appear? How did it develop? 1. Water polo is also known as "water football". It is a combination of swimming, handball and volleyball in water. A team ball game of water polo. 2. Water polo originated in Britain in the 1860s. It was originally an entertainment activity for people to throw football water polo in the water while swimming, so it was called "water football". 3. Water polo Water polo: also known as "water football", is a collective ball game that combines swimming, handball and volleyball in water. Water polo pays attention to strength, bravery and teamwork. It requires two participating teams to swim while scrambling for the ball, and try to shoot the ball into the opponent's goal to score. Water polo originated in England in the mid-19th century. What kind of sport is water polo, and what is its development like in our country? Water polo is a new sport, a ball game in which water polo is performed in water. Because water polo is a collective sport in water, the competition is fierce, so athletes are required to have strong strength, speed, endurance and flexibility. Rules: In water polo, each team plays 7 players, including a goalkeeper. Water polo, also known as "water football", is a collective ball game that combines swimming, handball and volleyball in water. The founding of the People's Republic of China in 1999 marked a new era for the development of water polo in my country. At the National Aquatic Games in 1955, water polo appeared as a new event; two years later, the first water polo championship was held in Beijing. The basic tactics of water polo?. Cross screen: one of the offensive tactics of water polo. Refers to several offensive players using cross-swimming to cooperate with shooting. The shooter must accurately cross behind the feet of the cooperating players and swim to the right. The pass is on the right side of the field, so it is suitable for players who are good at left-handed shooting. 2. Dribble and push the ball to shoot: a technical term for water polo. One of the shots. There are various passing techniques such as frontal, sideways, push, back, turn and so on. : Water polo catch skill water polo technical term. A method of catching a ball from underwater or above water. Spread the five fingers, reach the top of the ball, use the five fingers to directly grab the ball from the water and lift it to the head, ready for passing or shooting. In addition to general swimming and treading water skills, water polo players must also have other skills: jumping, turning, head-up crawling, quick start, emergency stop, heading, splitting, changing hands, blocking, catching the ball and turning around to shoot , Passing the ball over the shoulder, lobbing, strafing, etc., there are almost eighteen kinds of martial arts, and they are good at everything. Jordan's attack is also an attack tactic of water polo. This water polo offensive tactic was borrowed from the basketball game by the Jordanians and applied to the water polo game for the first time, so this tactic was named Jordan Attack. Water polo tactics can be divided into offensive tactics, defensive tactics and goalkeeper tactics. Offense is to score and win the game; defense is to not lose points and to fight for offensive opportunities. The two are closely connected. The goalkeeper is not only the defender, but also the coordinator and commander of various offensive tactics. play an extremely important role. Water polo technical analysis? Water polo technical terms. One of the basic actions. Swim alternately with both hands, the ball is located in front of the head, and the water waves aroused by the chest are difficult to hold the ball forward. Mostly use the head-up crawl to form an anti-bow shape, so as to observe the situation on the field and wait for cooperation. Teams that have won the championship and runner-up in national and provincial youth competitions can be awarded the title of second-level athletes according to their technical conditions. It is in line with the principle of "control the ball first, then get the ball" in the water polo personal tactics. Push shot is a technical term for water polo. One of the shots. It is used near the goal and is a short-distance shooting technique. The water polo turning technique is a technique for players to get rid of the opponent and gain a favorable position to attack or defend during the game. By turning in situ or turning (turning left or right) 90° and 180° during swimming, the swimming position can be changed quickly. moving direction. That’s all for the introduction of water polo. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. Don’t forget to search for more information about water polo games and water polo on this site.

Water Polo➣Water Polo Competition